Director's Message

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
My moto is commitment to the development of remote villages of around Sarai and to upliftment of those living in poverty that one recalls as distinguising hallmark.
My view 'education' as a liberating force, which while enabling individuals to earn a living would also make them capable citizens and therefore wanted that education should reach all people in the remote area of sarai. I have faith in the power of technology that free the entire concept of education from its previous limit of time and space.
We can reach out to the remotest places and to the best minds that exist. We do not have all of it yet in vaishali, but I sincerely hope that we will have it soon and that this will help our education to be more broad - based and deeper.
Information Technology (Computer) and we must use its potential to the fullest to spread education and knowledge.
Our mission 'ST. JOSEPH’S PUBLIC SCHOOL', SARAI founded on 02 January 2002 is to make knowledge and skills avilable to ANYBODY, ANYTIME.
I wish everyone associated with St. joseph’s public school every success in this noble endeavour.

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